Nighttime Shows Ranked

Walt Disney World is certainly known for its nighttime spectacular shows, which are the perfect way to finish your day in the parks. But which ones are worth seeing?


  1. Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom

This relatively new nighttime spectacular had a hard act to follow when Wishes came to an end. However, I think it surpassed expectations and truly is outstanding. The cohesive blend of the soundtrack, castle projections, lasers and fireworks has the audience stood in awe. Something else I really like about this show is that it includes scenes from some of the less popular and forgotten about Disney films. Yes, there’s still bits of Frozen but it also has Mulan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tarzan.

If you go for nothing but the fireworks you wont be disappointed, they really are unbelievable; how on earth they manage to get them to look like hearts, bells and planets I’ll never know. It really must be Disney magic.



  1. Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios

Telling the story of Mickey’s imagination through water projections and live performances, Fantasmic really is a fantastic show.

Beginning with parts from you’re favourite Disney films and appearances from beloved heroes and princesses, Mickey’s dream suddenly turns into a nightmare when the Evil Queen (from Snow White), Maleficent and many other villains appear. It’s then left to the power of imagination to save the day.


  1. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth at Epcot

Taking place on the World Showcase Lagoon, IllumiNations is a mixture of fire, explosions, projections and fireworks. This only ranks third on my list since the fireworks are impressive and lovely display, however, the parts between the fireworks are a bit too long and not that entertaining. I think it’s still worth seeing if you have time, but if you’re not at Walt Disney World for long then I would definitely see Happily Ever After instead.


  1. Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom

Fairly new to Animal Kingdom, Rivers of Light is a water show withlasers, lights and projections. There may have been a story to the show, but not one that I really picked up on. When I went to see this show, we made a special trip from our hotel to catch it and the bus ride there was longer than the show itself. Having taken a 40-minute bus trip, rushed our dinner and waited an hour in our seats for it to start, watching a 15-minute show of floats spraying water was disappointing. I’m not saying Rivers of Light is rubbish and I would see it again if I was already at the park when it’s on but you’re not missing anything spectacular if you happen not to see it.

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