Disney’s Peter Pan x Cath Kidston Collection

Disclaimer: All items mentioned in this post were purchased by either my sister or myself. This is not a paid promotion or advertisement. This post is to show anyone who is interested, what we managed to purchase and is not to brag in any way.

As we all know by now I am a huge Disney fan but I always have the problem of finding good Disney themed merch for adults; so when Cath Kidston started doing collaboration collections I was over the moon. I love Cath Kidston and shop there anyway but when they teamed up with Disney, it was a match made in heaven.

The Peter Pan collection is the forth in the Disney series to be released and is as popular as ever, which makes it a nightmare to get a hold of. I tried to buy the bits I wanted online but the website kept messing up and crashing due to the amount of traffic, so I grabbed my coat and rushed down to the Trafford Centre as they were open for its early release. We had to queue for about 40 minutes but managed to grab everything we wanted. However, I’ve been back since and they have quite a lot of stock left so thank goodness Cath Kidston have learnt from past experience. The stuff in this collection doesn’t come cheap and I’ve had to save up for a while but it was sooo worth it.

Shop this Post: Sketched Tinker Bell Frame BackpackPeter Pan in London Multi Pocket BackpackMidnight A4 Spiral Bound Notebook, the Tinker Bell Starry Night Chunky Pen Tinker Bell Posy Chunky Pen

Firstly, my sister picked up the Sketched Tinker Bell Frame Backpack to use for college and my mum got the Peter Pan in London Multi Pocket Backpack to hang on the back of her wheelchair. Both bags are pretty big with loads of room for books, folders or the bits and bobs you needs to carry around when you’re going out and about. The prints on both bags are beautiful and they’re made from a wipe-able material so will hopeful be easy to keep clean.

I got myself the Midnight A4 Spiral Bound Notebook, the Tinker Bell Starry Night Chunky Pen and the Tinker Bell Posy Chunky Pen because I simply can’t resist gorgeous stationery. Whether it be Disney or not I highly recommend getting yourself a Cath Kidston pen because they are really nice to write with and my collection of them is ever growing.

I also picked up the Peter Pan Midnight Placement Mug, the Peter Pan in London Stanley Mug and the Midnight Tea Towel. Well, how could I not! In my opinion, every room in the house needs a splash of Disney, so these will make the perfect addition to the kitchen.








Finally, I got the Posy Tinker Bell Cushion for my bedroom and the Tinker Bell Starry Night Box Make Up Case and the Peter Pan in London Skirt which will be going with me on my next trip to Walt Disney World. I can’t wait to wear my skirt to Magic Kingdom and fit right in with the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction.

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