Magic Kingdom – Top 5 Quick Service Restaurants

1. Be Our Guest

The Be Our Guest Restaurant is Quick Service for breakfast and lunch, but then turns into a Table Service Restaurant for dinner. First of all, the theming of this place is incredible. The ballroom honestly looks like it has been pulled straight out of the film. There are 3 rooms to dine in, the grand ballroom, the west wing and castle gallery. While the ballroom is stunning, it can be very busy making it difficult to get a table and the west wing is very dark, so the gallery is where we usually choose to sit. It’s quieter than the other rooms but its still a good place to eat your lunch with a lovely setting.

It’s all well and good getting the theming spot on but what about the food? … It’s delicious! As a family we all order something different so we’ve managed to try most of the menu. My personal favourite is the French Dip sandwich. Even though it’s Quick Service the beef melts in your mouth and they don’t scrimp on it either.

For dessert, their most popular is probably the Master’s cupcake, which is topped off with the famous Grey Stuff. Having tried it, unfortunately I didn’t find it delicious – only okay. My choice is the triple chocolate cupcake and it’s the chocolatiest cake ever!

Even though Be Our Guest is a quick service restaurant, you’ll still need to book a reservation as its very unlikely to be able to walk up and get a table.


2. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

Found over in Tomorrowland, Cosmic Ray’s is a huge eatery. There’s loads of seating and three stations you can order from, which really help to deal with crowds. You can even find live entertainment from Sonny Eclipse, an alien who performs while you eat. The menu had a wide range of choices with barbecue, burgers, chicken dishes and salads, there’s bound to be something to suit everyone in your party.

3. Columbia Harbour House

If you’re not a seafood fan, then this place might not be for you. Not everything on the menu contains seafood, just most of it so if you don’t like it, you won’t have a lot to choose from. Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square is definitely has healthier food compared to some of the other quick service places in Magic Kingdom. Serving dishes like grilled salmon with couscous and vegetables and broccoli peppercorn salad, its worth a try if you a little sick of fries.


4. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café

Pecos Bill’s is over in Frontierland and serves Tex-Mex, Americanised Mexican food. This place also has a big menu with burritos, burgers, salads and nachos to choose from. Themed as an Old West Saloon, this is a nice place to stop for lunch after Big Thunder or Splash Mountain.



5. Casey’s Corner

Firstly, Casey’s Corner is not suitable for vegetarians or for anyone that doesn’t eat beef for that matter. It only serves all American beef hotdogs with various toppings and fries, they’re a tad messy to eat but yummy nevertheless. The only issue at Casey’s is it can get busy and there’s not a lot of seating but you have wonderful views of the castle whilst eating your lunch or dinner.


Tomorrowland Terrace

Not the best quick service restaurant in Magic Kingdom, but still a good option. It’s only open seasonally and the menu changes frequently but at the moment my favourite thing to eat there is the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I’m not sure why they call it spicy since it’s definitely not too hot but it is tasty. There’s a lot of seating and it serves normal theme park food like burgers and chicken nuggets so there’s bound to be something you like.

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