Disabled at Disney – Attraction Disabled Symbols Explained

Okay, I don’t want this post to seem like an insult to your intelligence, as the symbols may seem relatively straight forward. However, when you’re staring at the little signs, only a few millimeters big on a park map outside an attraction in the blazing sunshine or pouring rain, you’re going to start thinking, “hang on, can I go on this one?”

This is why I think its worth having a read through what each one means and deciding beforehand which categories you fall into. This way, when you’re there, it will make life easier and either save you from missing out on attraction you could’ve done or waiting in a long queue only to find out you can’t do it once you get to the front.


Must be Ambulatory: To do this ride/attraction you have to be able to move around easily. These attractions could have (fast-ish) moving walkways to get onto the ride or you could have to climb over the side of the ride vehicle and drop down to sit in the seat. I know from experience that people with mobility issues really can find it difficult to go on these rides, hence the sign. This might seem obvious but when you want to go on an attraction you might think it’s okay to risk it, but the warning is there for a reason, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If the attraction is something you really want to do, it might be worth sending some of your party on it first as a test run. They’ll probably have a good idea of what you can and can’t do and will be able report back afterwards.


May remain in Wheelchair/ECV: First of all, an ECV is an electric mobility scooter. This symbolis straightforward and is exactly what it says on the tin. For this show or attraction, you can remain in your wheelchair or mobility scooter with no transfer necessary.



Must transfer from Wheelchair/ECV: Usually this symbol means that you can take your wheelchair or mobility scooter right up to the ride but then you must able to transfer yourself into the ride vehicle. The Cast Members will then take care of your chair and have it waiting for you when you disembark.


Must transfer to Standard Wheelchair: If you are already in a manual/standard wheelchair then you’re okay to just go straight onto the ride. However, if you are in a mobility scooter then you must transfer into a standard wheelchair before going onto the attraction.

With these rides, they usually have a specially adapted ride vehicle, where you are able to push the wheelchair straight onto the ride and the Cast Members will secure it in place. Do be aware that each ride only has one of these vehicles so you may have to wait a little longer in the queue for it to come back around.


Must transfer to standard wheelchair, and then to ride vehicle: For an attraction with this symbol you have to transfer out of your mobility scooter into a standard wheelchair before entering the attraction. Then once you’re at the front of the queue, you have to transfer out of the wheelchair and onto the ride.



Just a quick example: My mum is essentially wheelchair bound so we know that the only attractions she can go on are the ones with these symbols. From experience we know that we can take her on any of these ride, hassle free and without her having to attempt to stand or move out of her wheelchair. It’s just worth knowing so that you can avoid stress and just relax and enjoy your holiday.

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