Top 5 Non-Attractions to do in the Magic Kingdom

As one of the most popular theme parks in the world, Magic Kingdom is known for its famous rides and attractions. However, there’s still plenty to do even if they’re not your thing. Whether you have small children who don’t reach the height requirement, hate being thrown around in a vehicle taking drops and sharp corners at speed or have done all the attractions already and want to do something a bit different, the Magic Kingdom offers a lot of fun non-attraction entertainment to keep you busy.

So, here’s a run down of my top 5 non-rides to do at the Magic Kingdom.

  1. Festival of Fantasy Parade

The Festival of Fantasy is a parade that marches down Main Street, with state of the art floats, performers on stilts and swings and dancers all performing to an original soundtrack with hints of some of the most famous Disney songs. This grand celebration is a sight to be seen with its dazzling bright colours and magic; it really does look like Fantasyland brought to life. Take your perch on the sidewalk and wave to your favourite Disney characters in this fairytale spectacular. If you’re planning on catching this festival of fun, then make sure to get there early to ensure a good view. Usually, you want to get a seat on the pavement around 40 minutes to an hour before it’s due to start as it is a popular parade. Make sure to check the times guide to see what time it starts as it’s famously known as the 3 o’clock parade but has recently moved to 2pm.

  1. Main Street Philharmonic

The Main Street Philharmonic is a fantastic 12-piece brass and percussion ensemble which can be found either at Storybook Circus or Main Street USA. Playing a big band twist on both American and Disney classics, they’re great musicians and put on quite a performance. I would really recommend catching them if you can, it’s lots of fun and something you don’t get chance to see everyday. You’ll need to check the times guide to see when and where they’re performing as it varies day to day and whether it’s peak season.

  1. The Dapper Dans

A barbershop quartet dressed in colourful pinstriped suits, straw hats and playing Deagan Organ Chimes, what’s not to love? Singing classic American songs and your favourite Disney tunes a cappella, with some cheesy puns and a little tap dancing thrown in, they’re really worth a watch. Found on Main Street, check the times guide again to make sure you don’t miss them.

  1. Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire

Performed on the Cinderella’s Castle Forecourt stage, this show is a joyous festival about celebrating friendship along with Mickey & Co. With Goofy introducing his friends from The Princess and the Frog, Donald Duck bringing along the characters from Tangled and Mickey recruiting Olaf, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, there’s plenty of your favourite characters involved. The contemporary dancing, mix of original songs and familiar ones from the films and even a few fire works make the Friendship Faire a lively show to see.

  1. Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater

No trip to Walt Disney World is complete without meeting the mouse himself and where better than the world famous, classic Magic Kingdom. Take a photo, get and autograph and give Mickey a great big hug, there’s nothing better than meeting the mouse that started it all.

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