Disney’s Mickey Mouse x Cath Kidston Collection

On Thursday 16th November 2017, Cath Kidston released their new Mickey Mouse x Cath Kidston collaboration collection. Despite only Mickey featuring in the name, the collection actually includes Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Pluto. As the biggest Disney collection yet, there are plenty of gorgeous things to choose from (if not too much). So, after waiting 4 hours outside the Cath Kidston, Trafford Centre store for the early release, we managed to get everything we wanted to buy.

I’ve got to say there was soo much lovely stuff that I wanted to get but I had to stay inside my budget. There was a lot of really nice kids stuff, but not having any children to buy for, I didn’t purchase anything; but if you do have kids the collection is worth checking out.


If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with Disney mugs and have an extensive collection, so there was no way I wasn’t buying these beauties. The Mickey and Friends Mugs are quite expensive at £10 each and they’re not as big as the usual Cath Kidston Stanley mugs but they’re still good quality and part of the Royal Stafford Collection.


I picked up the Mickey and Minnie Bouquet Cushion, which is a perfect way to add a splash of Disney to any living room. It’s a lovely big size and nice and squishy to cuddle up with on the sofa. Next, I picked up the Mickey and Minnie Bouquet Trinket Box. It’s slightly bigger than I expected but that’s no bad thing. I’m planning on putting it on display in my bedroom so I have somewhere safe to put my jewellery at the end of the day rather than just on the side and I think this trinket box is perfect for the job.

Having bought all the big tea towels from each Disney collection so far, I couldn’t pass on the Mickey and Friends Placement Tea Towel Mickey and Minnie. Realistically, I probably didn’t need anymore tea towels but they’re so cute and make wash up that little bit nicer.

Finally, the last piece of homeware we picked up were the Mickey and Friends Set of 4 Egg Cups. My Mum bought these for the kitchen and perfect to use for dippy eggs and soldiers to “Disney up” your morning.

Clothing & Accessories

Firstly, I picked up the Mickey and Friends Curved Continental Wallet. A large size and similar to the one from the Dalmatians collection, it’s a great purse with the bright bouquet pattern on the inside and plenty of room for all your cards and cash. Then I’ve also bought the Mickey and Friends Set of Two Pouches, both Minnie & Mickey and Donald & Daisy. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to use them for yet, but they were too cute not to get and I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to use them.

Okay, I may have bought more of the clothing than I originally intended but it it looked so good in real life so I splurged a bit more. I got the Mickey and Friends Button Spot Skirt, which I think would be really good for a Minnie Disney bound next time I’m in the parks. It’s really silky but creases easily, which isn’t a big deal really. Next, I got the Mickey and Friends Daisy Placement Top. Very cute and very soft but I think it was overly expensive for what it is though. Finally, the last piece of clothing I got was the Mickey Button Spot Placement Jumper; lovely and thick which will definitely keep me warm in winter, however, again I do think it was over priced.

The big ticket item my sister picked up was the Mickey Strip Leather Lozenge Bag. It was very expensive but she had saved up money ready for the collection to come out. Perfect little handbag if you don’t have to carry a lot with you and really good quality. She also picked up the Mickey and Friends Button Spot Framed Washbag with Ears and the Mickey and Friends Button Spot Pocket Purse. The purse is the standard Cath Kidston size so plenty big enough and the wash bag is a lot bigger than I expected, so good for packing toiletries if you’re going away.

Finally, my sister got the Mickey and Minnie Little Patches Lanyard to use for her college pass and the and the Mickey and Minnie Little Patches Pen.

Since we queued and went into store to purchase the collection, Cath Kidston were offering a promotion, where if you spent over £50 on Disney items then you received a free fold away tote in the Mickey and Minnie Little Patches pattern. This was only available for the first 100 people and wasn’t available for purchase.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the new Disney x Cath Kidston collection and let me know in the comments what you liked or managed to get.

Disclaimer: All items mentioned in this post were purchased by either my sister or myself. This is not a paid promotion or advertisement. This post is to show anyone who is interested, what we managed to purchase and is not to brag in any way.

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